Our Plant Health Care (PHC) philosophy focuses on the overall health of the landscape. It does not place its attention solely on pests. Rather, it is a view of the landscape as an ecosystem. Priority is placed on cultural and environmental factors, and it attempts to prevent problems through proper planting, site selection and maintenance. This system emphasizes working with nature, instead of fighting against it. It sees proper horticultural practices as a foundation for more sustainable landscape managment.

The PHC approach is a three step process that involves comparing the plant list with their cultural needs and the likely pest and environmental problems that they may face. The mechanism also evaluates climactic factors such as light intensity and precipitation patterns.
With the knowledge of the landscape in place, we can optimize the health of the landscape and practice environmental stewardship through proper planning. We can employ good cultural practices and thus minimize plant problems and the need to treat them. Many pests can be managed without chemical controls by following PHC principals.

We feel that the Plant Health Care approach will be a valuable asset that our management
team can bring to all of our great customers!

We are Proud to Provide the Following Services to Our Clientele . . .


Turf Maintenance and Management


Shrub and Tree Care


Annual Flower Bed Maintenance and Replenishment


Mulch Replenishment


Aid in Pest Management


Irrigation Maintenance, Modifications, and Installation


Landscape Modifications and Installations